1986, born in Lemgo, a small town in west Germany, Tim Rehme was interested in electronic music. He started playing drums and keyboard early, in his young years. In the 90′s he found his love for Techno & Acid Housemusic and with the Housemusic wave in 2003, he was sold on to it. Influenced from this sound, he fixed his works in Deep- and Techhouse. With his new name he started mixing demo tapes at home and sent them to all well-known clubs in the area. 2006 he took his chance to play live on stage in Sam’s Club, in Bielefeld. He convinced the people for his style an technique. In 2008 founded the project “Novel T.”. A while later in 2009, he founded the label “Nulectric”, together with some good friends and they began producing their first tracks. In short time, they were well-known, had a lot of fans and several shows across Germany.


“Inside electronic music, you allway get to know new styles and trends. But what allways proved itself over years, were kickdrums, snares, hats and basslines. This are timeless elements for me and in future I will lay my focus on to this.” Says Tim.


He also likes to work together with other artists, whose focus doesn’t particularly lies inside the dark and chilled Deephouse Genre. For example, you will find elements of Rap, Drum & Bass or similar Genres in his other projects. Like you can hear it in “Green Meadow”, “iamrestless”, “Novel T.” and “Mr. Pipe”.






Tim Rehme