Nick grew up in the Westphalian Extertal, where he began early to embellish every kind of celebration with his own sound. "Techno releases up and down", he calls the style himself, thanks to which he fell head over heels in love with electronic dance music. The first real DJ gig as "Enniicks" followed at the tender age of 23, shortly after his first job as resident DJ at Zeitlos in Hameln. Also at the Bellawuppdich in Hannover and at numerous open airs in the area Nick was a welcome guest at the decks. Three years later, and at least 156 DJ sets later, he moved with all his belongings to Bielefeld.


Having arrived in the big city, Nick found refuge at the local techno label nulectric Records. With the Houseboot, the Summer-Closing and Bookings in smaller locations Nick, who from now on calls himself "Nick Stroth", played himself directly into the hearts of his new listeners. Meanwhile he describes his sound as "area-wide" between minimal and techno. Even influences from the German capital cannot be concealed in this context.


Although he only listens to house music in his car, Nick spends a lot of time at his mixing desk in the basement, which you can definitely hear on the dance floor. The right track at the right time is his specialty, the techno scene his hobby. With his driving attitude and his feeling for the crowd, Nick enriches almost every evening, whether as a warm-up, ejection or maintime DJ.





Nick Stroth