»What inspires me about the music? It does not matter who or what you are. Dance, forget the time and everything around you, only that is in the foreground«


Stephanie Warmbold, so the civic name of the new face of Nulectric Records was born 1991 in northern Germany, between the wide, abandoned fields of Stemwede. Having grown up in a family of musicians, she practiced at a young age in the arts of classical music and came into contact with groups such as Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd while browsing through her father's music collection.


»Those who love music are on a never-ending journey« Thus Greyscale was driven by the most diverse styles: Hard Metallic Sounds, Industrial and Stoner Rock, but also Independent and Ethno Sounds are not their unknown worlds. In 2012, she moved to Bielefeld, where she also co-organized the "club! AJZ" events and started to dj. Inspired by djs and producers like Dax-J, Truncate, Oscar Mulero, Adam Beyer, Rebecca and also some locals from her homebase Bielefeld.


She already shared the stage with the most diverse artists, drafted her energy from the performances and projected them into her own projects.

Music polarizes, it is both Greyscale's resting pole and energy source. A life companion who never leaves her side.


Bielefeld's electronic music scene inspires and thrills her to a gloomy and varied mix of dubby but sraighten techno sounds.


Greyscale: Countless sound variations, between two extremes.


With the new face, Nulectric Records is now expanding not only its sonic bandwidth, but also its A + R management activities. Greyscale is now your contact person when it comes to booking.